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Welcome to Shenoys Diary Farm

Shenoys Diary Farm came into existence in the year 2005 with a vision to provide fresh healthy milk straight from the farm .We put in a lot of effort ,keep things straight forward ,and make you happy by bringing you raw milk that is daily delivered from our farms that is 100 % pure,natural ,fresh and creamy .As our enthusiasm grew , we extended to include milk products for retail supply as well as use contemprorary technologies for milk processing .Since that time ,Shenoys has developed daily to become the most dependable dairy product brand ,serving institutional and domestic needs .We pledge to continue offering the fresh milk -related products free of chemicals ,preservatives and toxins because we care !
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Our Vision
To be Kerala's most trusted Farm-made Diary Brand, promoting healthy life with organic products ,bringing together the worlds of organic farms and urban centres through the sharing of high-quality goods and knowledge.

Our Mission
Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology ,sustainable agricultural practises and continuous improvement to produce and supply milk and milk products of the highest quality and hygeinic standards .We want every mother to be our brand's spokesperson .Its because a mother will never skip on the quality of what she provides for her kids healthy upbringing.



Our Products

Whatsapp number- +91 8606161751
Contact number- 8606161751 / 9400993642

Milk and Milk Products being a Rich source of all bio-available nutrients, is an Elixir that nourishes us all our life. We at Shenoy's very well discern that, and hence have put immense studies, quality-checks and boundless-love towards Your wellness, to bring to You nothing but only the best.
Your wellness is our top-priority, that we make sure our slow-cooking process, that goes in, to make this Ghee, is of top-of-the-line standards. Indulge in its affluent aroma and granular texture, that might remind You of the good-old authentic taste of Home-Made Ghee.

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Shenoys DairyFarm

Shenoys DairyFarm

15 Year Above Experience

We have more than 15 years of experience in dairy farm industry. Our products are hygienic and maintained a good quality. We use vaccinated cow breeds to ensure the quality and safety of our products.


An honest initiative to supply urban kitchens with organic farm goods sourced form their actual origin.


To establish a connection between the worlds of urban areas and organic farms by exchanging high-quality goods and knowledge Bringing together the worlds of organic farms and urban centres through the sharing of high-quality goods and knowledge.


The flavor of organic farm foods revitalizes our senses and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

+91 9400993642


Shenoys DairyFarm

Why Choose Us

We are using a mixture of traditional and modern methods of production to ensure the best quality of our products to support a healthy society. Customer satisfaction is important aspect for us .All of our products are handmade on the farm using our milk. We ensure that our products are produced in hygienic conditions .Properly vaccinated cattle’s. We receive bulk orders.

  • 100% genuine products
  • Top Natural Ghee
  • Wide range products
  • Certified farm
  • Touch free process
  • Proper veterinary assistance
  • Hygienic packing
  • We accept bulk orders
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Top Natural Ghee Benefits

✔️ Made from 100% Farm-fed cow milk Good fats for healthy heart
✔️ No shortcuts-We do what's difficult to make wellness easy for you.
✔️ At shenoys, Ghee is made with Pure Cow Milk, which gives it a natural golden color.
✔️ Shenoys Pure Cow Ghee is a premium ghee made with a special SloCook process
✔️ Ghee is prepared by slowly cooking for about 5.5 hours over gradually increased temperatures.
✔️ The SloCook process gives the ghee its delicious aroma and granular texture which will remind you of mom's food.
✔️ Pure Cow Ghee naturally contains Vitamin A which is known to support immunity.

SloCook Process | No additives | Gluten-Free | keto-friendly | Lactose free Contact Now


Shenoys DairyFarm Alappuzha, Kerala

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Whatsapp number- +91 8606161751
Contact number- 8606161751 / 9400993642

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